International Youth Exchange 2018

International Project:
Sol majEur pour minEur
Inmigrantes menores que llegan a Europa

 21st – 28th of July 2018 (Sat-Sat)
8 days and 7 nights Hendaye, France

For the 20th anniversary of its first town-twinning, the municipality of Hendaye aims at organising an international youth exchange with groups coming from its twinned-towns:

Arguedas (Spain), Viana do Castelo (Portugal) and Peebles (Scotland).


Description – Invitation to participate!

The youth exchange will take place in Hendaye (France) at the end of July 2018. Our aim is to gather groups from our twinned-cities and then exchange about a common topic. To make this exchange possible, we expect each twinned-city to send a group composed of seven participants (6 youngsters aged between 18-25 years + 1 group leader) to Hendaye at the end of July 2018.

As a preliminary stage, before inviting all 7 participants to Hendaye at the end of July, we will organise a familiarization trip during June (exact dates to be defined). For this trip, we will only invite 2 participants (1 youngster + 1 group leader) per twinned-town. The aim of this trip is to commonly develop the content of the youth exchange at the end of July.

The red thread of this youth exchange examines the situation of unaccompanied minors (French: la situation des Mineurs Non Accommpagnés (MNA)). The labelling may change according to your country.

The official title of the project is: Sol majEur pour minEur This French title should be universally used.


As previously stated, the main topic of the exchange concerns the situation of unaccompanied minors arriving in Europe. The participants will be asked to discuss, to debate and to find solutions for the reception, the protection and the educational support that the European Union and each citizen can provide.

The programme will include theoretical sessions, where experts will explain UE politics towards unaccompanied minors and during which participants from each country will be asked to analyse the politics of their native Country. Additionally, everyone will also have the opportunity to express his personal opinion in order to spur the debate. Moreover, we have organised more practical sessions to give the chance to visit local associations and centres which cope with the presence of unaccompanied minors in our region.

Finally, we engage to grant cultural exchange among participants, thus, we have planned leisure activities which will allow the youngsters to spend time together while visiting the Basque Country.

Even if the theme might sound complex, we will deal with it in a simple, dynamic and accessible way in order to ensure understandability for all participants. At a later stage, we will send you a detailed outline of the planned activities.


Ayuntamiento de Arguedas: 948 830 005
Persona de contacto: Benito Jiménez
Fecha Límite: 15 de Junio a las 13:00h